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According to a skin health expert, dr. Cynthia Bailey has 4 tips for getting the skin tone you want. With the tips given by this doctor, it is guaranteed that your skin will feel very beautiful and can be a recommendation for you to share with your friends.

Stop cleaning your skin the wrong way

4 Tips for getting the skin tone you want

How you clean your skin is actually important. To be clean but not too clean so that it causes your skin to irritate and not cause your skin to be allergic to the cleansing.

Then the unit that causes rashes downstream and allergen reactions so cleaning the skin is really just about removing dirt, oily products, grime and Preparing your skin to absorb the next product you apply in your skincare routine.

So don’t clean the skin too much, but do skin cleansing ideally twice a day with simple products some of the best choices include just a simple soap without fragrances and allergens in it so a simple soap is made naturally without any scent, glycerin.

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Bars of glycerin cleansing soap, something called syndics which stands for synthetic detergent which is a hypoallergenic pH balanced product this is a great way to clean your skin you can use a washcloth you can use your fingertips using a sponge,

exfoliator you can use the system sonic or sonic clear cleanser uses ideal warm water neither cold nor hot and you want to rinse all the cleanser from your skin completely so that it doesn’t stick to your skin removing oil and denaturing protein when you don’t think it actually does so keep your skincare at bay. simple and don’t overdo it

Complete a synergistic skincare routine

To solve your skincare concerns and keep your skin healthy so I just told you to Keep your cleanser simple which also means staying frugal where you want to put your energy and focus is the next step,

so be careful. skincare complete clean hydrate true protect cleanse simple cleansing even economical correction is where you want to put your energy and money correction products will fix things like acne skin inflammation redness sun damage stimulating collagen etc so focus on what your skin problem is and choose your correction product wisely.


Moisturizing so again hydrating like cleaning it is not rocket science it just needs to be effective so you want your moisturizing product to suit you Skin type you apply where your skin is often dry on the edges although as you get older it Often all over

the face Moisturizing moisturizing products You usually oil balance a water-binding agent like glycerin or hyaluronic acid may be some oil substitute like ceramide so choose a product that works well

for your skin but again you don’t have to look for a product with a lot of magic ingredients in it and certainly don’t use the product a lot. allergens in it are so simply rich

Sun protection

Sun protection as all the good work you do for your skin the treatments will be canceled out by some obscurity in the sun so opt for broad-spectrum sunshine.

Reuse zinc oxide mineral-based products and use 365 days a year on exposed skin thus creating a skincare routine that is E with a complete product that takes care of your skin problems and works together synergistically is tip number two for great skin tip number three is to avoid exposing your skin.

skin fights allergens so for 35 years I practice dermatology, many old problems have irritated and irritated people who come to see me because they are allergic to contact dermatitis so that there are many allergens in the products we rely on every day.

Choose hypoallergenic products for your skin care routine try to avoid fragrances even natural fragrances I mean oranges are very popular right now you’re hot right now are a famous allergy sensitizer that will cause a rash my preference is if you want to use fragrances in your life, put them in place other than all over your skin maybe you know rubbing it on the cloth you apply to your hair, you shouldn’t put it on your skin because you might be able to visit those skin health experts and also the products you use in your life for comfort like a cleanser. beautiful skin products more than what we put on our skin, you have to ben

ar actually nourishes your body and maintains vitality and it involves several lifestyle choices so first and foremost you want to eat healthy foods filled with phytonutrient vitamins and antioxidants so you want to eat mainly vegetables and fruits and you want them to eat that way.

Lots of space and your stomach so you push junk food and snacks to a minimum because it will make a big difference to your skin, we know that the foods we eat either fight or trigger acne they make psoriasis worse or don’t make psoriasis worse thus creating biochemicals in your body physiology to support healthy skin and your skin problems is very important you also want to eat whole foods and foods that contain fiber as they manage your gut microbiome.

They have bacteria in your gut which are also very important to support your health and little by little we are learning more about how important it is for your skin to fight or trigger your skin problems. Find ways to make your snacks healthy. It’s often the place where we get really into trouble with our diets that carrots stick to chopped apples instead of chips and something else.

Candy machine and then a little in the middle of the afternoon when your blood sugar is plummeting and drinking water instead of sugary drinks, so try to replace the barely noticeable opportunity to ingest too much sugar by just drinking lots of water and / or unsweetened tea and if you have problems specific skin,

do a little research on what diet supports its healing and helps you fight it so acne we know that dairy products make things worse we know that high glycemic foods aggravate psoriasis we know that there are comorbidities driven by distrust of the correct psoriasis-compliant diet right out of control so you want to find out that this is again a little tricky but it’s not impossible to wrap up your r the r go on and then exercise is also very important so the bad thing in exercising your skin tone will look a lot better.

I have been married for thirty five years and whenever I exercise well my husband says I look great 35 years he falls for the same yes I exercise I get good workouts it is that my skin is glowing after I work out so exercise is important You want to target 150 minutes a week of cumulative aerobic exercise and a few other last few little things that will help your overall vitality, you want lots of sleep, good scientific research has shown that when you are sleep deprived you actually don’t look like circles of pale skin under the eyes which are important for you to get lots of sleep.

Trying to reduce stress as much as possible Exercise says no to things you can it will help you stay rested and socialized is important for your vitality and overall health and when your body is healthy you are.

skin will be radiant and won’t be burdened with the many skin problems you may be suffering from so these top four tips to repeat stop cleaning the wrong way create a complete skin care routine that tackles your skin problems putting your time and time energy money on repairing and protecting your steps.

Steps to avoid allergens because they are often a problem that people come to me for help and have been suffering for a very long time and then number four try to keep internal physiology and biochemistry healthy because it will give you beautiful skin so I hope it helps I wonder if you have ever suffered from any of these conditions for example if you have a chronic eyelid rash that drives you crazy or your lips are chronically cut on the top and bottom and you can’t understand it well maybe tip number three which will complete m treat it for.

That is the information that I can provide from this article, maybe we will be able to share knowledge.
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