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A healthy diet is one method so that excess fat piles up in our bodies. Many people confuse the diet itself with eating less or not consuming carbohydrates in the body.

Is that true? Of course not having a healthy diet does not mean not eating well, gaiss, but rather choosing a diet and preventing consumption from entering the body.

Some of them try to lose weight quickly so that it has adverse consequences for health.
Therefore, choosing a healthy diet method that does not interfere with your body or affect your health. Some of the properties that you want to have is to avoid diseases that are lodged in the body, such as cholesterol, heart and others.

A simple guide for a quick weight loss and not a dangerous disease for the body, you should read on 7 Guidelines for Efficient and Inexpensive healthy diets. Well, pay attention to the following tios, so that you don’t go wrong on a diet.

You can try the method of implementing a healthy diet on your own, but not a few require expert encouragement in order to gain the desired body weight. Some natural healthy diet methods that you can try independently include:

Eat slowly healthy diet

Basically, humans are advised to chew their food 32 times after they swallow them. This matter is not wrong, the speed of eating will affect how much food enters your body, it keeps you chewing food for a long time until you feel flashy feeling full, and consume less food. In one study also said eating speed up to 115% more likely to deal with obesity than slow eaters.

Appetite is controlled by hormones that work to signal the brain when it is hungry or full. However, it needs to be recognized if the brain takes close to 20 minutes to receive the message.
So, eat for a longer duration or longer so that the brain can receive messages and control when you are full.

Research also says that eating over a long period of time can reduce the number of calories you consume while eating. Not only that, but this method can also help you lose weight in a healthy manner.

Increase Protein Consumption

Have you had time to read what the properties of protein content are in food? Protein is often said to be a source of nutrition and has some extraordinary powers. Many ignore consuming much more meaningful protein by consuming large fatty meals. Protein, which is a macronutrient nutrient, can affect the hormones of hunger and satiety. Until that, there will continue to be a lot of protein listed in the meal until you want to feel full quickly.

One study shows that increasing protein consumption by 30% can make people eat less. What’s more, protein can help you maintain muscle mass and ensure your body’s metabolic rate.

This matter is very meaningful to avoid the loss of muscle mass that can be entwined during weight loss.

Increasing the source of protein in meals will help the body feel full longer and tends to curb the urge to eat a lot.
Some of the best proteins to eat include dairy products, nuts, peanut butter, eggs, and lean meats.

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Drink Enough Water

Sometimes many forget the meaning of consuming water for the body, not only does it make the body feel fresher, but water can also produce detox in the low body. Getting enough water consumption means a lot for the health of the body.

Many studies show that drinking water can provide properties for weight loss. Not only that, but it can also maintain perfect body weight and increase the number of calories burned every day.

One study also said that drinking water before eating can reduce appetite and calorie consumption during the next meal in older people.
People who drink enough water have been tested to consume 200 calories less per day than those who drink other fluids.

Selection Boiled Than Fried

One of the well-known procedures for preparing meat and fish is frying them. However, during this cooking procedure some potentially toxic compounds will be created. Basically, boiling a meal is much healthier than frying it

Some of the toxic which may be created are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs, advanced glycation end products or AGEs, and heterocyclic amines or HCAs.

All of these compounds have been linked to several diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Healthier cooking methods can be tried with baking and boiling. This cooking method does not want to cause p


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